The introvert in me needed a break from the amazing networking and learning event that is DevLearn… and what an amazing event it is. The Keynote from Julie Snyder (Executive Producer of the Serial Podcast) was killer (no pun made in poor taste intended), the sessions have been awesome and informative, the Expo is amazing, and everyone is the nicest person I’ve ever met.

Plus, in Episode 15, I promised you a podcast!

This week is all about doing the best with what you have and improving the sound of your recording. In a matter of minutes, I went from a very echoey room on a glass desk with a bunch of background noise to a very serviceable sound using just some stuff from the hotel room.

Could it be better? Sure. But that’s not the point. The point is simply that there is no excuse to use what you have around you to improve the sound of your eLearning Narration.

Here are some photos-

Desk Setup:

Pillow Fort:


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