When I was at DevLearn back in October and introduced myself as “voice talent” often their response included some variation of the following question:

“My friend/My spouse/I’ve always wanted to explore voiceover. Do you have any advice?”

Lucky for me, I love to talk shop.

For a long time, I’ve avoided this question on the podcast, but I wanted to cover it and get it out of the way! For the most part, those of you in L&D are passionate about learning and teaching and aren’t looking for another career.

But that’s what this episode is all about. How can you, as an Instructional Designer narrating your own eLearning, get into other areas of voiceover?

You have the equipment and you’ve improved your space and skills based on advice from the DIY Narrator podcast. Why not try your hand?

Here’s my advice, which doesn’t really differ at all from my own path into voiceover.

Things covered include:

  • Listening to commercials!
  • Coaching
  • Getting Auditions
  • Agents?
  • A special announcement!


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