023: Learning Solutions 2019 Presentation – Part 1

Note: I accidentally pointed the last post to the wrong file! This is a duplicate/new post to make sure everyone gets the right file downloaded. You might not have noticed, but in case you think you already grabbed this episode, that’s what’s up.

First, a story:

Once upon a time, there was a guy who had a podcast and was speaking at a conference. He thought, “Hey, I’ll record my session and release it as a podcast.”

He bought a cool lavalier mic for his phone and tested it to make sure it worked.

Session day came and before he started presenting he fed the mic through his shirt, plugged it in and tested it out. Everything worked!

Then, about 35 minutes into his session he realized he forgot to actually start recording the session.

The End.

Sooo… At the end of March, I was honored to be allowed an hour to present at The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions conference in Orlando.

It was an amazing experience. If you made it to my session, thank you so much for coming.

For those of you who didn’t (which I think was most of you since I have a few thousand listens and about 40 people in the room), I want to recap my session over the next couple of episodes.

This episode focuses mainly on the advice you’ve heard in the past and how it’s lead you astray. Not because it was bad advice, but because it was incomplete.

You’ve heard it all:

  • Billboard Important Phrases!
  • Speak Slowly and Steadily
  • E-nun-ci-ate Your Words

These are all great pieces of advice, but I’ve found that there isn’t enough context or understanding out there about how to properly implement them.