One major complaint, gripe, or observation I’ve heard a number of times is that professional voice talent can sometimes sound too professional.

When you’ve heard it, you may have said something like this:

“They just sound too professional!

“They don’t sound like us.”

Traditionally, a voiceover talent performing eLearning has a very distinct sound. It could be described as “professional.” But more often, I’d probably describe it as steady, deliberate or precise… but on the less-nice side maybe even dull, droning, or boring.

The thing is, that “professional” sound that pops into your head is something that you should be trying to avoid. Your learners want to hear someone who sounds like a trusted coworker, not someone who sounds like they’re doing an impression of a VO.

Listen in to the episode to learn tips to avoid the “too professional” sound in your own eLearning narration by keeping your narration casual and engaging for the learner.