We should rethink the word “Authority” when it comes to eLearning Narration.

Episode 22 of the DIY Narrator Podcast is here! Time to talk about sounding like an “authority” in your eLearning Narration.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like the word “authority” as part of the direction for narrating an eLearning script. To me, “authority” too strong or negative.

In my head, I see the grumpy professor standing behind a lectern and regurgitating information. Expecting you to sit quietly and take notes.

Not like someone I’d enjoy learning from.

When trying to add “authority” to your narration, you have to be really careful. Doing so can take you down the wrong path. You may end up with a less friendly read or you could even end up sounding condescending.

No learner wants to be talked down to. People enjoy learning from a friendly person they trust and see as an equal.

When I see “authority” or “authoritative” in direction spec, I mentally swap it out for the word “confident.” I’ve found this satisfies the feeling my client is hoping to get across, while not negatively impacting the tone of my narration.

Not sure about you, but I love to learn from a confident teacher. Someone who knows their stuff, understands how to teach it, and is brining me along with them in the learning process. That is not at all like the person I think of when I picture authority.

Listen for three tips on how you can sound confident to satisfy the “authority”, without sounding like a jerk.

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