This episode is a change of format for DIY Narrator! In this episode, I’m joined by Neil Zielsdorf.

Neil is an Instructional Designer for Amazon who has recently moved into a new house. As a result, he’s been incrementally setting up a room in his home to be his new workspace for recording eLearning narration and videos over a green screen.

We had a great discussion about sound reflections (echo), acoustic treatment, and attempting to keep the sounds of a household out of your space.

In this conversation, we cover a number of approaches you can take to improving the acoustic quality of a room. Everything from bass traps, acoustic foam, and moving blankets to DIY acoustic panels and weatherstripping.

As an added bonus, we had a quick conversation about VR and AR as well as how voice over fits into that format a bit differently than your typical eLearning narration.

If you want to get in touch with Neil, you can reach him on LinkedIn.


We talked about a number of things in this episode. Here are some links if you want to check any of them out!