024: AKA Method Acting for the Instructional Designer

This episode picks up where last episode ended: My presentation at the Learning Solutions conference.

Last episode, I talked about the Bad and Incomplete Advice you’ve been given and some pitfalls that can cause your narration to be not so conversational sounding.

This week, we’re going cerebral! Time to get in your head and figure out what you’re thinking about when you’re sitting down to narrate.

I bet I can guess what you’re thinking about:

  • “Time to knock out some narration before my meeting in 20 minutes!”
  • “I hope I don’t stumble over my words! I hate starting over and having to edit!”
  • “I only had one [beverage of choice], I shouldn’t slur my words… too much.”

You could probably guess that those kinds of thoughts are not helpful when you go to narrate your eLearning course.

Listen to this episode to hear my thoughts on where your head should be when you go to narrate.

Stuff In This Episode

  • A 3-part template for getting your head right
  • A one-man play I wrote called “The Bathroom”
  • My LSCon Slide Deck
  • Some bad advice
  • Probably not any Method Acting at all, actually


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